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When your veterinary clients have extensive dental problems and you need something durable and extremely hard, carbide burs are the perfect choice because they are ideal for use on tough projects—particularly canines, horses, and even large, exotic cats who have strong teeth.

When dealing with exotic animals–especially larger zoo animals that demand reliable, extensive dental care–carbide burs are ideal. 

Carbides are the best for heavy-duty tasks such as preparing teeth for filling cavities, preparing crowns, repairing crowns and fillings, and even prepping the area for a root canal. This is because carbides are commonly used to cut through metal. 

Our carbide burs offer:

  • Unequaled precision, which you need for careful work with animals such as cats or toy breeds who may have smaller mouths
  • Long life
  • High-cutting capacity, which assists zoo veterinarians who must treat a variety of exotic animals
  • A variety of shapes, which can be useful for dealing with both smaller dogs and cats as well as larger animals such as horses.

What Makes Our Carbides Different?

We have proprietary technology on our side. This means we have the precision to make burs from one single piece. The result is:

  • Less vibration
  • Less chatter
  • Less prep time
  • Reduced likelihood of rusting

Try for yourself to see the benefits of our proprietary technology and innovation.