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Gold Diamond Burs

The Best Gold Diamond Burs for Veterinarians

You work with an extremely diverse group of clients; you need a bur set that showcases versatility and reliability. These burs need to enable you to work with large animals such as horses as well as smaller house pets such as toy breeds. Your burs also need to stand up to the challenge to help you provide dental services to zoos, where you may be dealing with large, exotic cats such as lions and tigers.

Introducing Diatech’s gold diamond burs for veterinary practices. These Swiss-engineered burs have uniform crystal coverage, which means you’ll be more comfortable when you’re cutting, especially during those longer procedures.  These burs also enable you to complete the job as quickly and accurately as possible, minimizing the anxiety to your patients. 

Because we only use natural diamonds, our gold diamond dental burs for veterinarians feature better efficiency and longevity than many others on the market. Because they do not wear easily, you’ll find they last longer, and you’ll need fewer replacements. This enhances your bottom line and improves profitability. 

You’ll also discover that our gold diamond burs are perfect after extractions. Many small cats and dogs have teeth in hard-to-reach places, and gold diamond burs enable you to clean debris and granulation tissue after a procedure.

Our gold diamond burs are also the instruments you need to complete delicate, precision work. You’ll find that those with a finer grit can be ideal in completing the minute details of a veterinary dental procedure. 

5 Advantages of Our Gold Diamond Burs

  1. They are long-lasting, which means you won’t have to keep reordering expensive replacements
  2. Their precision enables exact preparation for dental work
  3. They are stronger than other burs
  4. They have a low vibration level
  5. They have a minimum run-out deviation

We have an extensive variety of grits and shapes in our gold diamond burs, which is one reason our 25 diamond kit assortment is in such high demand! Try it now and see for yourself the Diatech difference.

Ready to Get Started?

We have such confidence in our popular gold diamond burs, that we’ll send you a FREE sample pack. 

Top 25 Diamond Kit

A $249 Value! Includes 25 of the most-used Gold Diamond Burs in shapes, sizes and grits for gross reduction to composite finishing. Multi-use. View list of included diamonds.

Free Sample Pack

3-pack of gold diamond dental burs includes:

  • 368-023-5-ML Football, coarse grit
  • 878K-016-8-ML Pointed Taper, coarse grit
  • 811-033-5-ML Occlusal, coarse grit

* Only product you’re ordering? Just pay $0.99 for shipping.