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Safety is the hallmark of any practice, and our sterilization products ensure that you are always prepared to tackle a busy day or handle unplanned emergencies–regardless of whether you are working with a toy poodle or helping a zoo provide dental care to a tiger. 

Our selections include brands such as:

  • BioSonic
  • Certol
  • Metricide
  • Sani-24
  • And “sock” barriers for X-rays and tools

Your Sterilization Solutions From Diatech

All of our equipment reaches the most stringent standards. 

In addition to the classic autoclave, you’ll find ultrasonic cleaners from BioSonic. We understand the importance of effectiveness and convenience, as our models are designed to maximize your counterspace to help streamline your sterilization processes for your veterinary practice.

Why Order From Diatech?

We make it simple to fulfill all your sterilization needs in a “one-stop shop,” as we supply everything from spore strips to disinfecting and sterilization solutions and practical plier rack stands. 

By ordering directly from Diatech, you not only eliminate the middleman, but you get an economic advantage coupled with an outstanding product. Plus, it’s also easy to subscribe to select items for automatic shipments; this way you’ll never run out of what you need. 

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