Student Lunch & Learn

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Lunch and Learn Presented by Diatech and Dentronix

How to Get Your Money’s Worth: Maximizing Your Investment in Dental and Orthodontal Instruments

Your dental and orthodontic instruments represent a substantial investment. Sign up for a Lunch and Learn at your school today.  At this event, we will:

  • Give a brief overview of our company
  • Provide information on advanced sterilization techniques
  • Discuss the longevity of high-quality tools
  • Explain how assimilating yourself with different tools will help you discover the most economical and effective options to avoid costly mistakes

In addition to providing a FREE lunch, we will also give you a chance to see and feel the difference Diatech and Dentronix tools make.

Afterward, get exclusive student discounts and samples. We’ll be with you every step of the way, even helping you get your first practice off the ground!

Signing up is fast and simple.