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Dental Impression, Registration & 3D/CAD Materials

Impression Materials

Affinis dental impression material is formulated with a unique combination of high-quality components, including silicone rubber polymers, to deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of dental applications. Whether it’s crown and bridge impressions, implant impressions, or removable prosthodontics, Affinis provides reliable results with every use.

Registration Materials

These materials play a pivotal role in ensuring the precise reproduction of dental anatomy, helping dentists create prosthetics that fit seamlessly into a patient’s oral cavity.


CAM/CAD 3D Printing Dental Materials for CEREC

Precisely engineered and optimized for durability, our selection of dental materials used for 3D printing and chairside restorations offers exceptional biomechanical properties. CRIOS integrates seamlessly into the oral environment, mimicking natural enamel’s translucency and shade variations.

Temporary Restoration Materials