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Swiss Tech Diamond Burs

Numbering System:      
(ie. 856-012-8)
856 = Diatech Diamond #
012 = Head Diameter in 1/10 mm
8 = Head Length in 1/10 mm

MLX – Super Coarse, 150 Microns
ML – Coarse, 125 Microns

Instructions for Use: RPM Range 45.000 – 88.000

Swiss Tech diamond burs offer the same natural diamonds as our premium line of Gold Diamond Burs. Diamonds are applied using a proprietary application technique. Multi-layer diamond coating with uniform coverage provides extended cutting life. As the outer layer wears, diamond grits on new levels with sharp edges are exposed during procedures.

Swiss Tech burs are crafted from a tungsten shaft (instead of gold) for strength, durability, and affordability. 11 shapes give you plenty of options for various preparations.

Stock your bur blocks with the most commonly used shapes and grits for most office procedures.