Gold Diamond Dental Burs

Not all diamonds are created equal. At Diatech, we use gold diamonds that are Swiss engineered to create an exceptional level of performance, durability and precision for our gold diamond burs.

Our proprietary multilevel diamond application results in uniform crystal coverage, which enables faster, smoother and more comfortable cutting. In addition, we use only natural diamonds for our gold diamond burs, because they offer superior cutting efficiency and long instrument life. Our diamonds are available in a variety of grits and shapes, including our popular Top 25 Diamond Kit Assortment.

Precision Diatech multi-layered Swiss Diamond Burs are available in diverse grit options.

Numbering System:      
(ie. 856-012-8)
856 = Diatech Diamond #
012 = Head Diameter in 1/10 mm
8 = Head Length in 1/10 mm

MLX – Super Coarse, 150 Microns
ML – Coarse, 125 Microns
F – Fine, 40 Microns
XF – Extra Fine,  20 Microns
UF – Ultra Fine, 10 Microns