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Gold Diamond Dental Burs

Available Grits:
MLX – Super Coarse, 150 Microns
ML – Coarse, 125 Microns
F – Fine, 40 Microns
XF – Extra Fine,  20 Microns
UF – Ultra Fine, 10 Microns

Numbering System:      
(ie. 856-012-8)
856 = Diatech Diamond #
012 = Head Diameter in 1/10 mm
8 = Head Length in 1/10 mm

Instructions for Use: RPM Range 45.000 – 88.000

Not all diamond burs are created equal. We designed our Gold Diamond Burs with a proprietary multilevel diamond application to give you faster, more comfortable, and smoother cutting.

Swiss-engineered with gold shanks, these burs harness the strength and efficiency of natural diamonds, creating a precision instrument for dental preparations.

By combining exceptional performance and durability, these long-lasting instruments have become the preferred choice for dentists.

Top 25 Diamond Kit

A $249 Value! Includes 25 of the most-used Gold Diamond Burs in shapes, sizes and grits for gross reduction to composite finishing. Multi-use. View list of included diamonds.

Free Sample Pack

3-pack of gold diamond dental burs includes:

  • 368-023-5-ML Football, coarse grit
  • 878K-016-8-ML Pointed Taper, coarse grit
  • 811-033-5-ML Occlusal, coarse grit

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