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Wire Cutters

Orthodontists use specialized wire cutters to trim and shape wires for braces, ensuring a perfect fit and functionality. When selecting wire cutters, you should look for precision, durability, and user-friendliness. To achieve accurate cuts in confined oral spaces and avoid unnecessary adjustments or discomfort for patients, it is essential to choose a precision instrument. Durability is also crucial, including maintaining the sharpness and functionality of the wire cutters over time, as they need to withstand the repetitive demands of orthodontic use. Additionally, instruments that offer ergonomic design and ease of handling help enhance efficiency during procedures.

Superior Craftsmanship, Affordable and Ergonomic

Shop the best in orthodontic pliers. With sharp and smooth operating ortho pliers, difficult work can become easier. We’ve selected these name-brand orthodontic plier manufacturers for their superior craftsmanship, affordability, and ergonomic designs.

Learn the differences between ProDent vs PlyDentCo vs Dentronix orthodontic pliers with our product comparison table.

MaterialsTungsten Carbide Inserts & German SteelInserted with Siberian Stone™ TechnologyRoyal: Super-hard
stainless tool steel or Tungsten Carbide tip inserts
Classic: Vanadium
Cobalt tool steel inserts
Made in…Philadelphia, USAPakistan & New Jersey, USAOhio, USA No longer being manufactured
Price$$$Closeout Sale
MovementExtremely smoothSmoothExtremely smooth
ConstructionBox JointLap JointBox Joint
FinishHigh GlossHigh GlossHigh Gloss