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Orthodontic Pliers

Superior Craftsmanship, Affordable and Ergonomic

Shop the best in orthodontic pliers. With sharp and smooth operating ortho pliers, difficult work can become easier. We’ve selected these name-brand orthodontic plier manufacturers for their superior craftsmanship, affordability, and ergonomic designs.

Learn the differences between ProDent vs PlyDentCo vs Dentronix orthodontic pliers with our product comparison table.

MaterialsTungsten Carbide Inserts & German SteelInserted with Siberian Stone™ TechnologyRoyal: Super-hard
stainless tool steel or Tungsten Carbide tip inserts
Classic: Vanadium
Cobalt tool steel inserts
Made in…Philadelphia, USAPakistan & New Jersey, USAOhio, USA No longer being manufactured
Price$$$Closeout Sale
MovementExtremely smoothSmoothExtremely smooth
ConstructionBox JointLap JointBox Joint
FinishHigh GlossHigh GlossHigh Gloss

PlyDentCo: Superior Materials, Made in the USA with Impressive Ergonomics

A family-owned manufacturing company run by former Dentronix engineers, PlyDentCo has established a solid reputation by manufacturing tungsten carbide-inserted pliers for more than 23 years. Their orthodontic pliers are made in the USA, from the specifically sourced tungsten carbide inserts. They insert the tungsten carbide into stainless steel box joint forgings that are imported from Germany.
Plydentco’s employees are focused on precision excellence. They ensure accurate and quality pliers, which is the most important reason Diatech chooses to carry this line of pliers.

ProDent: Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

ProDent showcases innovation, having created its first orthodontic plier forgings in 1943. Since then, the company has seamlessly expanded into all facets of dentistry with a specialized focus on orthodontics. ProDent uses surgical-grade German, French, Japanese, and U.S. steels.
ProDent takes an active role in its instrument creation from the beginning, starting with raw stainless steel. Working closely with dentists and specialists, ProDent has a solid understanding of what dentists and orthodontists want in the instruments they use every day. ProDent places the tools of success in the hands of professionals around the world.

ProDent Orthodontic Plier Instrument Care and Instructions for Use