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Operative Diamond Burs

When you’re preparing for some of your most common operative procedures, you need to have the ideal burs that will provide the perfect combination of power and accuracy. Our operative diamond burs provide the backbone for enamel cutting and are the optimal companion for cavity and root canal preparation, contouring, shaping, adjusting restorations, and other treatments.

The key to their strength is the deep and wide flutes that enable you to more aggressively cut enamel without sacrificing precision control. The efficiency, longevity, and smoothness of our operative diamond carbides are evident in the variety of bur shapes, making it straightforward and simple to select the right one for your procedure.

Our operative diamond burs represent the Diatech quality you can expect, in addition to exceptional value. Why? Because not all diamonds are created equal. Our Swiss-engineered products mean exceptional performance, accuracy, and durability. This is thanks to our proprietary multilevel diamond application. This creates uniform crystal coverage, giving you an advantage for your operative procedures. We only use natural diamonds because they offer superior cutting efficiency and a long instrument life.