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Prophy Handpieces, Angles & Paste

Free Sample Pack:
Lotus Prophy Angles & Paste

100% latex-free cup. Soft pink cups and firm blue cups available. Includes a cup of Cotton Candy flavored prophy paste.
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Free Sample Pack:
Lucas-Cide®Sanitizer & Disinfectant

Highest available germ-killing power at the lowest cost per use with no harsh smell.
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Prophy handpieces and angles play a crucial role in patients’ oral health and comfort during routine cleanings. So, what exactly do hygienists need from these instruments to perform their job effectively?

1. **Ergonomics**: Hygienists spend long hours working with prophy handpieces and angles, often in awkward positions. Ergonomically designed instruments can significantly reduce strain and fatigue, promoting better posture and overall well-being. Comfortable grips and lightweight designs can make a world of difference during a busy day of appointments.

2. **Precision and Control**: Precision is paramount in dental cleanings, especially when dealing with delicate procedures around the gums and teeth. Hygienists need prophy handpieces and angles that offer precise control over speed and pressure, allowing them to effectively remove plaque and stains without causing discomfort or damage.

3. **Durability**: Dental practices rely on durable equipment that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Hygienists need prophy handpieces and angles that are built to last, with quality materials and construction that can endure frequent sterilization and autoclaving without compromising performance.

4. **Versatility**: Every patient’s oral health needs are unique, requiring hygienists to adapt their techniques accordingly. Versatile prophy handpieces and angles that support a variety of attachments and angles enable hygienists to customize their approach for each individual, ensuring thorough cleaning and optimal results.

5. **Efficiency**: In a busy dental practice, time is of the essence. Hygienists need prophy handpieces and angles that facilitate efficient cleanings, allowing them to work quickly and effectively without sacrificing quality. Features like quick-release mechanisms for changing angles and easy-to-access controls can streamline procedures and enhance productivity.

6. **Patient Comfort**: Dental cleanings can be anxiety-inducing for some patients, so it’s essential to prioritize their comfort throughout the process. Smooth-running prophy handpieces with minimal vibration and noise, coupled with gentle angles that glide effortlessly over teeth and gums, can help alleviate apprehension and create a more positive experience.

7. **Hygiene and Infection Control**: Maintaining a sterile environment is critical in dental settings to prevent cross-contamination and ensure patient safety. Hygienists need prophy handpieces and angles that are easy to clean and sterilize, with smooth surfaces and removable parts that leave no room for bacteria to hide.