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Orthodontic Pliers: Superior Craftsmanship, Affordable Pricing and Ergonomic Designs

Shop the best orthodontic pliers, distributed from name brands like ProDent and PlyDentCo—two outstanding manufacturers of dental and orthodontic pliers.

ProDent vs PlyDentCo vs Dentronix Pliers

Materials Tungsten Carbide Inserts & German Steel Inserted with Siberian Stone™ Technology Royal: Super-hard
stainless tool steel or Tungsten Carbide tip inserts
Classic: Vanadium
Cobalt tool steel inserts
Made in… Philadelphia, USA Pakistan & New Jersey, USA Ohio, USA No longer being manufactured
Price $$ $ Closeout Sale
Durability High Medium-High High
Precision High High High
Movement Extremely smooth Smooth Extremely smooth
Construction Box Joint Lap Joint Box Joint
Finish High Gloss High Gloss High Gloss

Introducing a new line of quality pliers: ProDent.

ProDent is an industry pioneer, creating its first orthodontic plier forgings in 1943. Since then, the company has seamlessly expanded into all facets of dentistry with a specialized focus on orthodontics. ProDent meticulously selects the best raw materials to use in their products, including surgical grade German, French, Japanese and U.S. steels.

You’ll be able to immediately detect the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that goes into each ProDent plier.