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Sterilization Equipment and Supplies for the Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Industry

You are artists, and your canvas is the human body. There’s something intensely unique about creating the permanent design that your customers will wear. 

There are also stringent regulations to follow, and many of these focus on sterilization.

Diatech offers a variety of autoclave, ultrasonic and dry heat sterilizer equipment for tattoo artists, ensuring that your workspace and needles are safe for the next customer. We’ll also help you stay within all your state’s sterilization regulations.

Sterilizing Equipment, Solutions & Supplies for the Tattoo Industry

One of the benefits of getting sterilizers, solutions and supplies from Diatech is that our team will make sure you meet even the most stringent requirements. Have a question? Ask our experts about which sterilization setup will work for your shop or browse the products below. 

tattoo supply shop sterilizing and disinfecting

Maintaining Sterilization Equipment in a Tattoo Shop

If you don’t take care of your machine and follow the recommended maintenance, it may not provide the level of sterilization you need to stay in compliance.

All of our sterilizers come with detailed manufacturer’s instructions that are easy to follow.

Your state health department may require you to have regular quality check testing to ensure the unit is working properly. We stock tests for spore strips, cleaning monitors and indicator strips to ensure your equipment is sterile and reaching the right temperature over time.

Tattoo Art: A Profession that Requires Attention to Detail and Cleanliness

Attention to detail is all-consuming when you’re a tattoo artist. Every line and color must be perfect. Likewise, avoiding cross contamination requires detail that is vital for your safety and the safety of your clients.

Remember that bloodborne viruses can live on objects for almost a week, and it’s easy for germs and viruses to spread if your tattoo equipment is not maintained or surfaces are not disinfected.

Cross contamination can occur when:

  • Tools are placed on a counter that has not been disinfected
  • Tools are not sterilized between clients
  • Someone touches  another object without removing gloves
  • The disinfectant isn’t left on the surface long enough to kill the germs

There’s a difference between clean and sterile.  Cleaning refers to removing visible contaminants. Disinfecting is another step, which kills microorganisms except resistant bacterial spores.

Sterilization is the most thorough; it eliminates all microbial life. This is the most important aspect of keeping your tattoo shop safe and within state and federal regulations.

Want to know more about the differences? Check out our informative article.

Failure to meet state regulations for cleanliness in a tattoo shop can result in stiff fines or penalties. It can also ruin your business’ reputation.

Problems can happen if you let the following occur:

  • Using disinfectants that do not meet EPA standards
  • Not preparing tools correctly before putting them in the sterilizer
  • Falling behind on maintenance or testing sterilizer units
  • Failing to dispose of single-use items