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Bite Registration Material

Dentists employ a variety of bite materials to capture accurate impressions of a patient’s teeth and jaws, crucial for the fabrication of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. These materials play a pivotal role in ensuring the precise reproduction of dental anatomy, helping dentists create prosthetics that fit seamlessly into a patient’s oral cavity.

Dentists choose between various materials based on the specific characteristics required for a particular case, considering factors such as set time, flexibility, and ease of handling.

In recent years, digital impression systems have gained popularity, replacing traditional bite materials in some cases. These systems use intraoral scanners to create precise 3D models of the patient’s teeth, eliminating the need for physical impressions. While digital technologies continue to advance, traditional bite materials remain integral to many dental practices, providing reliable and time-tested solutions for accurate impressions in prosthodontics.