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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Disinfection is a highly regulated, detailed process that can be time consuming for salon professionals and groomers. Unless using disposable implements, spas, salons and groomers can use an ultrasonic cleaner to disinfect tools that come in contact with the client including scissors, clippers, cuticle nippers / pushers, combs and more.

Professional jewelry stores need reliable ultrasonic jewelry cleaners for rings, eyeglass lenses and more.Paired with a gentle cleaner, your clients will leave confident with fresh and safely cleaned pieces.

You’ll want a reliable machine to meet these requirements and eliminate downtime from cheap ultrasonic cleaners for salons.

Compare Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Features:

  • Size & Capacity: Up to 6.6 gallon units mean you can choose the right size ultrasonic cleaner for your tools and counter space
  • Heaters: Some units include a heater, although the chemical process of ultrasonic cleaning can cause the temperature to increase.
  • Power Wattage
  • Accessories Included: Trays, lids and power cords should be included

Our wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning machines for spas and salons means that we have a cleaning system that will fit your needs.