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Taper Round End

Diatech’s robust carbide burs are crafted from a single piece of premium sub-micron-grained carbide to rapidly reduces materials such as amalgam, gold, porcelain, enamel and PFM. Our Golden Sharpie Carbides are crafted with aggressive rake angles for longer-lasting, concentric, smoother-cutting instruments. 

Using computer-aided design and a multi-axial grinding process, we achieve carefully designed angulations, flute depths, rake angles, and blading. This results in precision concentricity and exceptional cutting performance. Diatech’s carbides are the top choice among dental professionals across the world. 

Diatech offers a comprehensive array of high-quality precision Carbide burs from Metal Cutting, Crown and Bridge, Operative and Surgical, Endo, and Trimming and finishing burs.

Golden Sharpie:

  • Use for gross reduction of hard materials
  • Multi-use
  • Friction Grip

6-Bladed Operative Carbides

  • Single-use 
  • Friction Grip or Short Shank

Trimming & Finishing Carbides

  • For an exceptionally smooth finish
  • Multi-use