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Z-Rex Diamond Burs

Diamond Burs for Zirconia Crown Prep and Other High Performance Ceramics

Due to their superior properties, high performance ceramics like zirconia are on the rise as crown and bridge materials. However, these properties make the material difficult to work on with conventional instruments.

DIATECH Z-Rex diamond burs are the solution for this problem and make it easy to adjust, trepan or remove ceramic restorations. The unique synthetic diamond mixture offers an exceptional combination of durability and efficiency.

The Perfect Bur for Zirconia and Ceramic Crown Preps. Ideal for:

  • Endo Access
  • Crown Adjustment
  • Crown Cutting

DIATECH Z-Rex burs are offered in two grits, medium to reduce the likelihood of micro fractures and coarse for even increased crown cutting efficiency. They are individually packaged in blisters for ease of
convenience and tracking.