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One stop for everything you need to sterilize and disinfect dental tools and surfaces.

If you don’t have the right accessories, you could be putting your patients and employees in danger. Sterilization equipment and disinfectants require proper tools and testing to effectively process, sterilize and disinfect up to the highest EPA / OSHA standards. You’ll need appropriate racks, soaking trays, barrier bags and test strips.

Diatech has all the accessories you need for disinfecting and sterilizing orthodontic and dental equipment—and we now offer automatic shipping on select products, so you are never in danger of running out of a product.

Better yet, our dedication to customer services means you always speak to a friendly staff member. Need to adjust your subscription, but rather talk to a person? Give us a call: 800.221.1851.

See why Diatech / Dentronix is the leader in quality sterilization accessories.