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Root Canal Shaping Handpieces & Files

Root canal cleaning and shaping is an intricate process. Failure to give proper attention to details can result in incomplete seals and infection. With such exacting procedures, top-performing dental professionals must demand the best handpieces and flexible, durable files for root canal procedures to achieve reliable results. 

HyFlex EDM System: Use Fewer Files for Canal Preparation 

The HyFlex EDM system offers the dental practitioner enhanced ease of mechanical preparation of the root canal so that even newcomers to endodontics can achieve reliable results quickly and easily.

Learn about the HyFlex EDM System

About the HyFlex EDM System

Manufactured from nickel-titanium alloy with Controlled Memory (CM) heat treatment, HyFlex EDM files allow multiple reprocessing and reuse

The innovative manufacturing process uses electric discharge machining, giving HyFlex EDM files a unique surface with unrivaled durability and high fracture resistance. This unique combination of flexibility and fracture resistance allows you to reduce the number of files required for cleaning and shaping without compromising the root canal anatomy. 

Like stainless steel files, the HyFlex EDM files can be pre-bent. This crucial advantage allows you to avoid the creation of steps on extremely curved root canals.

For drying and filling, the complete HyFlex EDM system includes paper and gutta-percha points.

  • High fracture resistance and flexibility
  • Centered canal preparation
  • Regeneration and visual monitoring for safe multiple use
  • Fast preparation with high cutting efficiency and a reduced number of files

*All HyFlex EDM Files can be used at 500 rpm and a torque of up to 2.5 Ncm (25 mNm) except the Glidepath files, which can be used at 300 rpm and at a torque of up to 1.8 Ncm (18 mNm).

HyFlex NiTi vs Stainless Steel Files for Perfect Root Canal Results

Coltene’s HyFlex NiTi files give you the precise control you need to achieve reliable results. They can be pre-bent, providing a significant advantage when preparing highly curved root canals.With a unique surface that ensures durability and reliability

HyFlex NiTi files are vastly more flexible than stainless steel files, and can tackle the most complex root canal anatomy without ledging. 

Other benefits include:

  • Nickel-titanium alloys
  • Controlled Memory heat treatment
  • Multiple reprocessing and reuse
  • High fracture resistance
  • High cutting efficiency
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue

Our NiTi files are available in a complete array of tapers and tips sizes to accommodate the vastly different root canal anatomies you’ll find in your daily practice. HyFlex can sculpt root canals while preserving the original root canal anatomy, leading to greater client satisfaction and loyalty—any way you shape it.

MicroMega Sterile Hand Files

The MicroMega line of single-use stainless steel hand files are convenient files that can be used for exploration. In addition, you can create glide paths, canal patency, root canal debridement, calculating the length, and shaping of the root canal.

Reliable & Ergonomic Endodontic Handpieces

Your root canal treatment is only as good as the handpiece you use. Our HyFlex endo handpieces are designed to provide controlled, reliable, and precise root canal treatments. These handpieces use electric discharge machining to enhance the properties of the NiTi files that are used in the handpiece.

This process creates a potential difference between the workpiece and the tool, which ultimately results in the formation of a hardened surface of NiTi files. This hardened surface provides the unique characteristics that are needed to complete the job with seamless precision.

The HyFlex EDM Endo handpiece and its associated files are a significant advancement in endodontic treatment, offering dental professionals a more efficient and safer tool for root canal therapies.

For Great Control, Coltene Endodontic Products Are the Best Choice

Root canal procedures require constant diligence to ensure a secure seal and prevent infection. With complicated anatomies, no two root canals are ever the same. To make it easy for you, Diatech offers a complete array of products from the HyFlex System. Order individually or begin a subscription of products so you don’t have to reschedule a patient due to missing supplies.