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Windshield Repair Bits & Burs

Carbide Burs for Windshield Repair

If you’re looking for the best in value without sacrificing quality, our long-lasting, durable, stainless steel carbide burs are the perfect choice for windshield repair. Able to cut through glass with effortless precision, they create small holes that minimize visual scarring. They are reusable and ideal for fixing:

  • Bull’s eyes
  • Cracks
  • Star breaks
  • Combination breaks

Our carbide burs are an essential part of any windshield repair kit and are particularly useful if you can’t get resin flowing into the break. A long crack across the windshield will continue to run unless you can stop it in its tracks by drilling the end of it with one of our reliable carbide burs. With the long, tapered tip, they are essential for fast drilling. The optimal choice for drilling holes to cap pits, our carbide burs for windshield repair feature minimal chatter and skipping, making them easier to control and manage.