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Lucas-Cide offers the highest available pathogen-killing power at the least cost per use in the industry, and it’s on the EPA’s list N for effectively killing COVID-19 in 10 minutes. 

For more than 60 years, Lucas-Cide cleaning products have kept clients and patients safe by providing hospital-grade sanitizers and disinfectants that are exceptionally effective and economical. Made in the USA in Ohio, they are used by:

 — Dental and orthodontic practices

 — Salons and spas

 — Tattoo shops

 — Veterinarian practices

 — Schools, gyms and hospitals

With Lucas-Cide sanitizing products, a little goes a long way — Because they are highly concentrated, you can store less, but clean more. 

Use Lucas-Cide Disinfecting and Sanitizing Products to clean:

 — Nail and hair implements and makeup brushes

 — Dental and orthodontic tools

 — Hard surfaces including floors and countertops